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Tour Stops: 
July 23  -  Wendi  at Toots Book Reviews
July 24  -  Madison at  In Shadows 
July 25  -  Maggie Wells at Lusty Penguin  
July 26 -   All Author Post with Brooke Blogs
July 27 -   All Author Interview with Diane's Book Blog 
July 28  -  Maddie James at  Reviews by Crystal
July 29  -  Evelyn Jules at Room With Books
July 30  -  Bella Masters at Harlie's Books 

August 1  -  ARe Cafe

August 2  -  Deal Sharing Aunt 

August 3  -  Em and M Books  

August 4  -  Sexy Between the Covers 

I'd love for you to visit all the sites and check out our blog tour, especially July 24, when I'm over at 'In Shadows'. Sounds spooky, doesn't it? Don't forget to enter the giveaway featured with each blog stop - you know you wanna....

I'm such a Tease

We all know that the summers are long and hot. Are you ready for a HEATWAVE?

In a few weeks Turquoise Morning Press will be releasing six sizzling stories that will make your toes curl and your breath hitch.

To Sir, With Love is one of the featured stories. Other authors include Maggie Wells, Bella Masters, Wendi Zwaduk, Maddie James and Evelyn Jules.

To whet your appetite, I'd thought I'd give you a teaser from To Sir, With Love.

“Then let me welcome you to the company, Beth. Can I treat you to a coffee?”
She blushed and stepped back. “Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I only wanted to thank you.” She glanced at her watch nervously. “My break is almost finished and I have to get to my desk. I wouldn’t want my supervisor to think I’m tardy after only three days.”
Jonah felt his lip quirk up in a lopsided smile. “Yes, Miss Sanders. She may report you to the boss and you wouldn’t want to disappoint me. I would then have to administer some discipline.”
Her quick intake of breath told him he’d struck a chord within. The doors of the elevator slid open and with a quick nod he entered. Turning around he noted she still stood, frozen in place watching him, looking demure in a beige cotton blouse, tucked neatly into a black skirt that hugged luscious curves.
He felt a familiar tightening in his groin. She had no idea how hot she looked so prim and proper, especially when he had a vivid memory of rosy pink nipples straining against her corset. Nipples he’d love to roll between his teeth as he stroked her to an orgasm.
“Good day, Miss Sanders.”

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I consulted the stars and chicken entrails... okay. I lied. Rafflecopter did it all for me.
We have a winner of the signed copy of According to Plan.

Maureen Bates - Thank you for entering and I hope you enjoy According to Plan.
Let me know what you liked best.

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ATP Giveaway

You found M.E.!

I'm so excited to offer a signed copy of According to Plan, which is also part of the boxed set, Sex, Lies & Murder. When I was asked to be part of Sex, Lies & Murder I jumped at the chance.
How fun is it to cavort (good word) around the different media sites with three other crazy authors.
To win a copy, follow the prompts and voila! You're entered.
Contest closes May 31, and all winners will be notified by Christmas (kidding)... I'll contact you in early June for details.